Volvo Auto Body Collision Repair

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Volvo has been at the forefront of safety research for decades. They first introduced the first three-point seat belt, as well as padded dashboards, front and rear energy-resistant crumple zones, childproof locks, collapsible steering columns, and rear-facing child seats. Today, Volvo vehicles also offer generous amounts of style and performance.

If your Volvo needs repairs, we can help you return to the road with your vehicles performance and safety intact.

When your Volvo needs repairs or maintenance, you can trust our Marion auto body repair shop to take good care of your beautiful car. Our technicians are specially trained to do quality work on exceptional vehicles, just like your Volvo. Even with a newer Volvo model, there’s no need to go back to the dealer for auto body repair services. We can provide the manufacturer suggested vehicle parts for your Volvo needs, while saving you the time and money.

Bring Your Volvo to Wades Auto Collision Body Repair

If you drive a Volvo in the Marion area, we hope you’ll give our auto body repair shop a try. Call us during business hours or use our online appointment form to request service. We’ll confirm the date and time.

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