Getting an Estimate For Auto Body Repair

When you need car accident repair services, you must look for the best place to get your auto body repair done and receive an estimate for the work that makes the process affordable and reasonable. As you search for an auto body repair estimate, there are a few things that you should remain cognizant of during the process. You may not be familiar with the process, but you need to understand what you are looking for so that you can get your car back into perfect condition.

Are You Filing an Insurance Claim in Iowa?

Before you look for an auto body repair shop, you need to decide if you are filing an insurance claim or not. If you are filing a claim, you need to go through your insurance company and ensure that they have approved businesses in the area they will work with. Some insurance companies have a very short list of auto body shops or mechanics they will use, and you need to know if you can get to one of those shops.

You also need to get the car assessed by an adjuster. The adjuster can total out the vehicle if it is in such bad condition that repairing it is more expensive than simply buying a new one. Depending on the situation, you might walk away with a new car instead of getting your current vehicle repaired.

If, however, you need accident repair services, you should shop around at approved locations first.

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Should You Schedule an Appointment?

You should call the auto body repair shop and schedule an appointment so that they have time to review the vehicle and give you a complete estimate. If you drop into an auto body shop, you may need to wait quite a long time before someone can take a look at your car. When you make your appointment, ask the staff how long it takes to complete an estimate. They will give you a window of time, and you can leave your car for an estimate or wait.

What Goes Into an Auto Body Estimate?

An auto body estimate includes several parts because the shop is doing more than a simple repair. The auto body repair shop must bring that part of the car back to life, install new parts, paint the vehicle, and ensure that the paint blends with your current paint job. The auto body shop has a staff that it pays by the hour, and they often use basic guides to determine how much they should charge per hour for the work that needs to be done.

When you get the car collision estimate, it should have all these items listed for your review. For example, you might need to order a new bumper because the current part cannot be repaired properly. You might notice the primer coat and color for the vehicle, and you might see all the other parts that the shop used to install large panels.

Each section of the vehicle will have a similar breakdown, and you should review that information before signing off on the repairs. You will see a subtotal, and you should consider how much your insurance deductible is. If your deductible and the repairs are about the same price, you may forgo these repairs because you are paying out of pocket while your insurance carrier collects your deductible. If the repairs are far more expensive than your deductible, you should approve the repairs because you are getting what amounts to a massive discount on these repairs.

It is not just a matter of choosing the cheapest or most expensive auto body repair shop. You will not get the best service at a shop that is providing it for cheap. At an expensive auto body repair shop, it might be just kickbacks and unnecessary overhead charges at your expense. Choose the auto body repair shopthat has the best word of mouth reputation and recommendation.

Can You Adjust the Estimate?

A car collision estimate can be adjusted if you would like to save money or cut back on the cost of the job because the insurance company will only pay for much. Ask the mechanic if they can use aftermarket parts instead of factory parts. You can ask for a simple paint job instead of the extra blending required to make the paint job look seamless. You might even ask the mechanic to pop out dents on your panels instead of replacing those panels.

Let the auto body repair shop know that you need them to work with you a bit as they come up with the best course of action for your vehicle. In some cases, you may make slight adjustments to the estimate to make it affordable or to help it fall within the limits used by your insurance carrier.

Reviews can be found on websites such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Online reviews are credible - they are made by the customers of that business.

Does Your Estimate Include Vital Components?

Your estimate might include vital components that you need to repair properly, or your estimate might include surface damage that can be repaired with some epoxy and paint. You must decide if you want to invest your money in a massive repair or take the cheapest repair possible. If you are filing an insurance claim and you are well over your deductible, you should get everything repaired to perfection. If you are paying out of pocket, you might want to cut costs.

If you are receiving payment from a business, you may ask for a cheap repair so that you can retain the balance of the payment they offered. This is often a good way to handle property damage after an accident, or you may feel as though you are entitled to that money because the accident shocked you and wasted so much of your time.

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Car Accident - Auto Body Repair Shop

How Long Does the Estimate Last?

You should ask the auto body repair shop how long their estimate is good for. The document likely says so, but you should ask if you have seven days, a week, a few weeks, or a month to decide. This gives you time to auto body repair shop around at other locations to get the best price.

A car collision estimate may expire because the parts or paints you need are no longer available. There may be massive changes in prices because the companies involved must change prices to keep up with the market and the various raw materials that are involved. Because the market can be volatile, it helps to move as quickly as possible. You may also choose to go back to the car insurance provider and ask for a new adjuster to visit because the price of materials has changed so much.

How Long Will the Repairs Take to Complete?

When you order accident repair services, you need to know how long it will take to complete the work. You may need to leave your vehicle with the mechanic for a short period of time, or you may need to wait for all the parts to become available. You can also schedule multiple repair appointments depending on your schedule and needs. If you want to get the panels installed or repaired, you can have that done as quickly as possible, but you can come back to have the car painted at another time.

If the auto body repair shopwill not give you a timeline for the repairs, you should ask them why they cannot provide you with an estimate. There are mitigating factors in any situation, and you should give the mechanic a little leeway as they work to bring your vehicle back to life. Your subsequent accident repair will turn out better if you allow the auto body team time to do their work.

Get Your Car Repaired With Confidence

Take your car to an auto body repair shopfor repairs after an accident or incident, but ensure that you use these tips to get the most out of the process. You want to know how long it will take to get an estimate, how much it costs, and where you can make adjustments. You should also ask the mechanic how long it will take to finish your repairs or painting. Paying careful attention to each step in the process is the easiest way to save money and retain your vehicle’s value.

As you know, we are the best auto collision repair shop in Marion, Iowa.

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Michele Nibaur Kruse
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I wanted to take a minute to shout out a BIG "Thank You" to Sarah, Wade and the entire team there!! We've been going to Wade's Auto for quite a few years now and absolutely love their quality of work and their determination to do a great job! Even when there is a little hiccup and miscommunication (on my part too) in repairs, they went above and beyond to make things right!! I truly appreciated their kindness and compassion when I reached out to them regarding my concerns!! Thank you for the great customer service and taking the time to listen!! Merry Christmas to you all, and cheers to a happy and prosperous New Year!! (Please check Wade's Auto Collision out if you ever need body repairs)
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Amanda Sutton
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Wonderful customer service and I was very pleased with how my vehicle turned out.
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Paul R Strang
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Morgan Brislawn
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We have used Wade’s a few times now and every time our vehicles come out better than expected. Wades is always a fun and professional and very fair place to work with by far the best in the state
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Missy Rochelle
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Took my car there to get hail damaged fixed. They had it looking brand new in just a short amount of time. Everybody that works there is super friendly and they gave me step by step on what they were doing with my car. I’d give more than 5 stars ⭐️ if I could!
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