6 Things To Know About Auto Collision Repair

When you have been in an auto accident, you will look to get your car fixed as soon as possible. Auto collision repair is when a professional automotive technician will analyze the damaged areas of the vehicle and then carry out the repair work based on the estimate.

Auto collision repair will often include removing dents, straightening bent metal parts, and scratch removal. Other repair work entails replacing broken and missing glass, painting, matching, replacing missing or damaged doors or panels.

Here are the top six things you should know about auto collision repair.

#1: Body Damage May Affect Other Areas

If you damage your car through a collision, the visible damage is a damaged vehicle body. It will include bent metal, shattered or cracked glass, broken parts, bent or damaged wheels, displaced interior pieces, and drivetrain parts.

You must take your vehicle to an auto technician to inspect it thoroughly for interior and exterior damage. It will give you an accurate picture of what you are dealing with and the extent of the damage. It will also ensure that, when you are driving, the car is sound in function to avoid further accidents.

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#2: A Quality Repair Will Restore the Vehicle to Almost Its Original State or Better

A professional auto technician will work with the car design to restore it to its original condition and within the vehicle's original specifications. Different cars will need different techniques to repair them based on the manufacturer's specifications and the car's design.

These specifications include the kind of systems in the vehicle. Nowadays, computer systems are a part of the engine and other car systems. The computer system improves car performance and fuel efficiency, among others. When the vehicle is damaged, it is crucial to get an auto technician who understands how to fix it. Wade Auto Collision deals with different kinds of vehicle repairs for different car models because the technicians know diverse vehicle models will need specific expertise.

Dissimilar vehicle models may need special tools for auto collision repair of specific vehicles. The computer systems of different models will vary, and the auto technician will have specialty training to use them. It helps you avoid accidents in the future.

#3: The Cost of Repairs Will Vary Based on The Repairs the Technician Will Carry Out

The cost of the repairs will depend on the amount of damage that is on the car. After a collision, a vehicle can not only have body damage but frame damage also.

When involved in a collision, it is better to take the vehicle to the repair shop and have it assessed rather than sending photos. This results in a thorough estimate. With technology developments, the auto technician will only repair the damaged parts, and color matching will ensure that the repaired areas match the original ones.

When the auto body collision repair technician thoroughly inspects the exterior and interior, they will forward the estimates to the insurance company. It is essential to take your damaged vehicle to a shop that you feel will provide the best kind of service.

#4: The Extent of Damage Determines If a Car Is Totaled

A car is totaled when the cost of repairing it will exceed its current value. The value will be determined by the price of the parts and labor needed and the vehicle's resale value. If the resale value is lower than the cost of repairs, the car will be considered a total loss.

The determination of the total loss of the car is dependent on state regulations and the insurance company. Different insurance companies have varying regulations.

#5: Choosing A Repair Shop

Your insurance company will have a recommended list of auto shops that you can take your vehicle to for auto body collision repairs. However, you are not obligated to take it to any of these shops. You can find an auto repair shop that has the expertise and knowledge to repair the damage satisfactorily.

Some certifications to look out for include ASE, I-CAR Gold Class, among others. These certifications prove that the technicians will do an excellent job of repairing your car.

Wade Auto Collision gives a comprehensive list of what to expect from the auto painting shop. This involves the calculation of your car repair estimate and how you can make a choice wisely.

#6: Share One Estimate with Your Insurance Company

If you find a shop that can carry out the repair work to your satisfaction, you do not necessarily need to move from one repair shop to another to get various estimates. One estimate is enough, and your insurance company will pay for the repairs.

Get The Best Auto Collision Repairs Done Right!

You want to take your vehicle for repair after an auto collision to a shop that will work fast but do a good job. A carelessly repaired vehicle where the auto technicians use junk parts to keep costs low or where the repair work is shoddy can cause other accidents in the future.

We strive to meet each and every expectation of our customers within reasonable time frames and with complete transparency.

Wades Auto Collision can provide you with a quick estimate with an estimator who will work immediately to have your car thoroughly assessed and estimates sent to the insurance company as quickly as possible. Our technicians are also knowledgeable and experienced in repairing different car models.

At Wade's, we repair most makes and models of vehicles, and we truly mean that. Here is a list of many, but not all, of the makes, models, and types of vehicles we repair. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to contact us via our website, by walk-in, or by phone.

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Michele Nibaur Kruse
Michele Nibaur Kruse
20:58 13 Dec 23
I wanted to take a minute to shout out a BIG "Thank You" to Sarah, Wade and the entire team there!! We've been going to Wade's Auto for quite a few years now and absolutely love their quality of work and their determination to do a great job! Even when there is a little hiccup and miscommunication (on my part too) in repairs, they went above and beyond to make things right!! I truly appreciated their kindness and compassion when I reached out to them regarding my concerns!! Thank you for the great customer service and taking the time to listen!! Merry Christmas to you all, and cheers to a happy and prosperous New Year!! (Please check Wade's Auto Collision out if you ever need body repairs)
Amanda Sutton
Amanda Sutton
19:29 19 Nov 20
Wonderful customer service and I was very pleased with how my vehicle turned out.
Paul R Strang
Paul R Strang
23:26 14 Jul 20
They did a fantastic job! I'm very happy with the repair and the timely manner it was completed. Great Customer service as well.
Morgan Brislawn
Morgan Brislawn
02:35 26 Jun 20
We have used Wade’s a few times now and every time our vehicles come out better than expected. Wades is always a fun and professional and very fair place to work with by far the best in the state
Missy Rochelle
Missy Rochelle
02:19 26 Jun 20
Took my car there to get hail damaged fixed. They had it looking brand new in just a short amount of time. Everybody that works there is super friendly and they gave me step by step on what they were doing with my car. I’d give more than 5 stars ⭐️ if I could!
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