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Following an accident, your vehicle needs our body painting shop at Wades Auto Collision.

Maybe your vehicle was just scratched but repainting is important for the outside appearance. Plus it requires high-quality body paint to restore your car to its original condition. Hight quality paint safeguards the vehicle from corrosion and your car retains its shiny and new stature for some time.

After we complete your repairs at Wades Auto Collision the final step is usually to make it look sparkling in our body painting shop!

How Does Paint Protect Your Automobile?auto body painting shop 300x200 - Body Painting Shop

Auto body paint isn’t just applied to make your car shine. It is done to safeguard your automobile and make it durable. It assists in preventing it from rusting and retaining its resale value. This helps your car from depreciation due to its appearance.

Protecting the auto body components: The paint applied on the body of your car acts like a shield. It protects your motor car from tear and wears when in use. The coating of paint will ensure the steel parts become more durable and resistant to salt, weather, gravel, and even road debris for a long time to come.

Preventing rust: The paint from our auto body paint shop will ensure the steel parts of your car do not get any rust. Never assume minor scratches and dents on your car. This is because that area may get rust and then spread it below the surface. It will start eating away the car and the paint in the other parts will start falling off. Give us a call and we will fix those scratches or the entire body paint for you.

Holding your vehicle value: Even if your car has some wear and tear, it doesn’t compare to a car that has scratches and more.

Forms of Auto Body Paintwades auto collision 300x200 - Body Painting Shop

Here are some common type of body paints. 

Urethane Paint

This is a highly recommended auto body paints because it’s long-lasting. Urethane paint is a high-temperature paint, normally applied to parts such as the engine. A catalyst and a thinner are mixed with the paint before spraying. The paint dries quickly and has a durable finish. Urethan paint does not react with other paints nor does it cause chipping.

Acrylic enamel

We use acrylic enamel in our body painting shop and apply a clear coat to seal it. Acrylic paint will make your car look beautiful. Multiple clear coats will make it shine!

 Acrylic lacquer

This is the oldest type of car paint. We usually bake it on your vehicle but it is pretty simple to apply it. It is less expensive but inferior to other types of paint.

Water-based paint

It is a simple paint, most often used in exterior and interior buildings. Color selection is unlimited, however not a paint you want to use on your vehicle!

For all your Body Paint Shop needs, contact us at Wades Auto Collision!

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