June 16, 2022

Auto Body Estimate Guide

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Auto Body Estimate Guide 2

There are several factors to consider for an auto body estimate - depending on the unit, type of damage, technology features, and the repair shop. For instance, your unit is a brand-new luxury vehicle, meaning the costs would be much higher than the usual domestic vehicle. Sometimes, most repair shops charge between $47 and $215 an hour. When your car has more advanced technology features, it will generally cost more. Auto body repair estimates vary widely, so it is crucial to know what unit your car is, the type of car damage it has, its technology features, and the repair shop you will go to. 

Common Auto Body Estimate

Professional auto body estimate is very important, and it actually depends on whether your car only has small dents or scratches that can be repaired easily or if the damage is so bad that it needs a complete door replacement. Some door damages may include front or rear bumper damage, door damage, windshield damage, or paint damage. Take note that some repairs are still covered by your car insurance, depending on the extent of the damage. Here are some auto body estimate costs:

Depending on whether it needs a small repair or a complete replacement, car bumper repair can range from $300 to $1,500. If the bumper only has a small scratch, you may want to ask for a simple touch-up pen that can cover it, which can only range up to $30. Remember that replacement costs may generally be higher because the replacement includes more than just a physical bumper; advanced vehicles usually have sensors and cameras that may need to be disconnected and reassembled, only adding to the labor costs.

  • Car windshield - $250-$1,500+

Small cracks or chips in your car windshield can only range up to $60 or even less, but larger cracks may need a complete replacement. The total car windshield replacement can range from $250-$1,500, depending on the type of glass and the size. Windshields with embedded sensors can actually cost you more to replace them.

  • Car paint damage - $500-$2500+

Car paint jobs usually estimate around $500 for the entire car if you’re only opting for a single coat and quick service, but if you want to use high-quality or specialty paints, it can cost around $2,500 or more. When a part of your car paint is damaged, the damaged parts needed to be painted should generally cost less.

  • Car door repair or replacement - $75-$1,000+

If the repair needed for car doors can be fixed easily, such as small dents, the costs should generally be less and the repair services should only start from $50 that can go up depending on the size of the dent. However, you should expect to pay a lot more if the damage is major and goes beyond dents and scratches. If there is a need to replace the entire door, it may range for up to $800 for the door itself, and a couple hundred more bucks for the labor cost.

Getting a Trustworthy Auto Body Repair Shop 

Now, it is also important to know how to find a trustworthy auto body repair shop to follow your auto body estimate - to make every penny worth it when getting your auto body repaired. Here are some factors to consider when choosing one: 

  • Recommendations. Ask around. If you have family members or friends that can recommend a good auto body repair shop, make a list and go to each of the listed shops to ask for an estimate. 
  • Check if they have experience working with the kind of vehicle that you have. It is important that the repair shops have experience servicing the type of vehicle that you have. Contact some auto repair shops and ask around.
  • Read reviews. Online reviews are usually the reason why people consider a certain kind of repair shop. It is important that you know the insights of what it is like to work with the shop.

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