November 28, 2021

What To Expect From Your Auto Body Repair Estimate?

After being involved in a car accident, acquiring an accurate and complete accident body repair estimate of the damage is inevitable. To do so, you will have to visit a car body shop. To fully grasp what the process entails, we will shed some light on the quote process. In other words, getting a detailed quote amounts to having the total cost you will incur to have your car fully restored. The question most people ask, however, is why do you need to get a repair quotation?

Comprehending A Restoration Cost

A car collision estimation offers an estimation of what it will cost to have a car restored and not the exact amount. Many mechanics like giving car collision estimations on the cost of repair because there might be some unseen damages to the vehicle that might, later on, affect the agreed price.

A car collision estimate gives the customer some room to set aside the cost of repair. The estimate also plays a significant role, especially when an insurance company or other involved party pays for the cost. In the repairing assessment, several sections are covered. These may include body repairing cost, mechanical, parts replacement cost, supplies, and materials, just to mention a few.

It is also good to note that the cost of repair estimate highly depends on whether an individual or an insurance company will cover the cost. It is always important to note this because most of the time, an insurance company sets its labor rates, and different auto shops have different labor rates.

Acquiring Several Estimates for Insurance Services

If you have your trusted vehicle repairing mechanic and trust their service delivery, it is not mandatory to have your car checked by a second service provider. Despite your insurance company needing you to visit several repair shops, no law says it is a must. Again if you decide to have several quotes from different automobile dealers, there can be a fluctuation in the dollar price, which does not mean dishonesty.

There are different methods used to acquire car accident repair costs. The most common method used in establishing a car accident repair is a customer showing a picture of the damaged car to the auto shop or completing an in-person test at the shop. An insurance adjuster also comes in handy when it comes to covering the repairing cost.

An insurance company may decide to send one of its representatives to the repair shop to look at the damages incurred to the vehicle and offer their repair estimate.

The auto body estimate is mainly a document that indicates a listicle cost of the damages. The auto body estimate may vary from five to ten pages, all depending on the levels of damages incurred by the car. Usually, the first two pages indicate the company’s contacts, the details of the insurance company, together with the claim number and the car’s information. The other pages mainly show the damaged car items. Mostly, the damaged parts are put into several sub-sections of the vehicle.

For instance, one section will cover the issues with the bumper while the other will cover other areas such as the body and so on. The closing pages will mainly cover things such as the legal part, including the company policy.

Reading and Understanding a Body Repair Estimate

A Body Repair Estimate repair mostly comes in some abbreviations that may be confusing. For instance, ‘R&I’ simply means removing then installing. When a mechanic is working on a damaged door and comes across the sign, they will understand that they need to repair the door by first removing it and then installing it afterward. Another confusing abbreviation is “RPR,” which means “Repair,” utterly different from “REPL,” meant for replacing.

There are four main options used in replacing completely damaged parts. The most commonly used abbreviation in the “OEM,” stands for “Original Equipment Manufactured.” The symbol mainly indicates that the piece was purchased from the original manufacturer or is brand new. Most insurance companies avoid the “OEM,” as it is highly priced.

“LKQ” is the second most commonly used abbreviation. It is the most preferred part by insurance companies as it is a much cheaper option when compared to the “OEM.” The acronym stands for “Like Kind Quality.” “AFT,” commonly referred to as the “Aftermarket,” is another cheaper option mainly manufactured from overseas and preferred by insurance companies too. Last but not least on this list is the “REMAN,” also referred to as “Remanufactured.” The part is mainly a refurbishment of the original component that has been restored during a repair.

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In The Hands Of One Of The Best

Body Repair Estimate

At Wade Auto Collision & body paint shop, we have some of the most experienced staff who dedicate themselves to satisfying all customer needs. We always work on the damaged car, ensuring the client is fully satisfied before living. Body Repair Estimate assists in cutting unwanted extra costs too.

Frame and Uni-Body Restoration

It is estimated that in roughly half of all road accidents, the vehicle’s frame always gets damaged. When such an incident occurs, we usually remove the damaged part and replace it with a properly functioning part, thus ensuring the car is returned to its factory specifications. By adequately repairing the damaged part, the car still holds its value. Our outstanding services give us the reason to offer a transferrable lifetime warranty, an offer never seen before by any of our competitors.

Windshield & Glass Repair

Whenever a car accident takes place, the shattering and cracking of glass are inevitable. At Wade Auto Collision & body paint shop, we completely restore any broken glass to a client’s satisfaction.

Total Body Replacement

In most circumstances, it is advisable to replace the damaged part with a new one if the damage is severe. Some of the parts that may need a complete replacement in a vehicle include the bumper, trunk cover, or fender.

Accurate Estimates

Our mission at Wade Auto Collision & body paint shop is to give our clients detailed and computerized quotes for their cars. The details show even the slightest damage on your vehicle that may not be easily located with the naked eye. The figures we provide as estimates indicate to the customer what their car needs, including the cost, incurred and what it takes to have them at the back of the wheel much quicker.

Auto Body Painting Shop

Insurance Covered Repairs

Dealing with a car accident, whether big or small, is not a walk in the park. However, at Wade Auto Collision & body paint shop, our objective is to make the entire process as seamless as it can be. We are ready to work with your insurance company in the case of an accident. You can trust us to do all the paperwork involving your insurance cover as we have a special team that works on such matters.

Total Body Painting & Restoration

Having your car undergoes some painting after visiting the mechanic is part of the last steps that involve car repair. If you want to have a complete body paint restoration or some new look for your car, Wade Auto Collision got you covered.

Our unmatched expertise at Wade Auto Collision guarantees your car comes out precisely as you had requested. The painting team is well-versed in both factory paint or customized painting job that enhances the appearance of your SUV, Truck, or car leaving it with that particular look that you have always wanted to have.

Matching Colors

We know you are a little skeptical about painting the whole vehicle when it has a minor scratch on the side. However, we do color mixing that is perfect for any vehicle. The package is pocket-friendly and time-saving. The outcome is impressive as it makes it hard for one to notice the before and after the painting process. With the help of a computerized system, our team comes up with the perfect color match for your car.

The New Standox Technology

Reducing carbon footprint has always been our number one priority. The Standohyd Basecoat was approved as environment-friendly by the European Union. We encourage all our clients to use the basecoat system whenever they seek our services. The new technology has proven to be pocket-friendly, high quality, and non-toxic to the environment. Having state-of-the-art digital standards, you will never go wrong with Standox technology.

Whenever a vehicle visits our Wade Auto Collision and body shop after an accident, it leaves when it is at its best. We promise and deliver what the customer asks us with no excuses whatsoever.

Being among the top vehicle repair companies in the country, Wade Auto Collision & body paint shop is just a phone call away. Reach out to us today for world-class service provision to your damaged vehicle. To learn more about us or repair estimation services, do not hold back as we are ready to help.

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