August 11, 2022

The Process of Accident Repair

Accident Repair has been common nowadays. Road orders exist anywhere throughout the globe, and it is any driver’s responsibility to uphold the law regarding driving a vehicle. However, any kind of road accident is inevitable. It is a natural dilemma caused by us humans. It is also the most common factor in why vehicles are being repaired. Though we are all hoping that Accident Repairs can be lessened, as an Auto Body Shop we can’t predict whether your vehicle will be subject to road accidents or natural accidents. That is why we know how vital it is to repair a vehicle.

Nevertheless, if you are involved in an accident or looking for a reliable auto body shop at the moment, this can help you understand the process of Accident Repair.

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The Process Of Accident Repair 2

6 steps in the process of Accident Repairs

  • Insurance Approval/Estimate your costs

Being involved in an accident and having insurance is a huge benefit for car owners. Depending on the cause or result of the accident, insurance companies always have your back on accident repairs. So, what will happen is that the auto body shop will go through the damages to your vehicle to give them an idea of what the estimated cost will be for a full repair. Only then will the auto body shop submit the estimated cost of the repairs to your designated insurance company.

  • Discharge/Disassembly

After approval and estimation of the auto body shop, you will drop off your vehicle for them to further examine the damages to your car. The professional technicians will disassemble your vehicle to create a layout of the needed repairs.

  • Replacement Parts/Accident Repairs

After a layout is created, replacement parts are ordered. This step incorporates the coordination of the insurance company. They usually negotiate to make sure you get high-quality/brand new parts at a cost-efficient price. Repairs can be started before or after the replacement parts arrive. The process usually starts from mechanical to structural repairs.

  • Painting

In some instances, this process can take days to finish depending on the vehicle. As you may wonder why it can take days, painting requires a precise method that helps restore the factory look of the car. A coat of paint is carefully used so that the parts will have a nice finish. Mostly, painting also requires several layers.

  • Reassembly/Detailing

When all the parts are repaired and newly painted, the technicians reassemble your vehicle from stock. Being reassembled, they make sure that all the wirings and functional buttons are working perfectly. After the process, detailing is applied. This part includes the internal cleaning (seat, floormats, etc.), external cleaning (windows, tires, etc.), and final touches of the vehicle.

  • Inspection/Test

Usually, the quality control department inspects the vehicle to whether it is ready to be on the road again. From internal to external testing, they do a final run-through of the repaired vehicle (lights, functional buttons, doors, tires, engine, suspension, etc.) Upon their approval, you can now pick up your vehicle from the auto body shop.

After knowing the process of your repairs, you need to pick the right auto body shop. Any kind of accident repair needs professional supervision and we at Wades Auto Collision can’t offer you anything else but satisfaction through our service. As we have built our foundation from our customer’s reviews, we have been serving customers ever since. From estimations to top-quality results, we make your money worth the service. 

We are serving Eastern Iowa. Feel free to call Wades Auto Collision today at 319-377-9233 or stop by our shop located on 560 31st St. Marion IA, and get a free estimate.

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